Top 10 Annoying Things about Running a Small Business

Sunday, July 4, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 12:15 PM

10. You know how you used to sit in those big company meetings and wonder when the rest of the room would catch up, why you were there, and how all these idiots could be making so much money while you were stuck in (wherever)? That doesn't change when you're the CEO. You just wince more, because you realize you're paying for all of their time in a more direct way.

9. Suppliers never seem to have the work ethic you do. No matter how much you trust them, no matter how much they are being paid, and no matter how critical the deadline, they'll probably be late.

8. Customers and clients don't pay on time. The single biggest surprise I've had as a small biz guy is not necessarily clients who pay late, but clients who steal -- take delivery of product or services and then file for bankruptcy right afterwards or otherwise dispute the bill. If you're going to have problems paying, at least call to proactively inform and then don't take delivery. My firm can use those resources somewhere else. Right?

7. Everyone suddenly thinks you're rich. Actually, I made far more money when I had a day job and did investing and contract work on the side. Like 20-30x as much when you factor in the pain of making a payroll in 2009. It doesn't matter if it's a business expense if you have no income to write it off against.

6. Creditors want you to co-sign on everything. What? Why did I bother incorporating, then? So I could write personal checks to the company for two years, ruin my own credit going for broke, and then still need to co-sign?

5. Investors and creditors value your life -- er, firm -- on last year's sales, but you need their money to make good on next year's promises. Except, of course, if next year's projections are less than last year's, in which case they use those numbers and discount them even further. F*** you guys.

4. Holidays. They no longer exist. Well, sorta I guess. You do have a few minutes for an annual blog post on Independence Day.

3. 100 hour work weeks. That whole work-life balance thing? The recommendation from all the gurus that you turn off the blackberry once in awhile? Sorry, I took a call from a client just now. You were saying?

2. The only women you meet also happen to be partners, employees, investors, suppliers, or vendors. I apparently don't mind dating salespeople, but "it's complicated" is an understatement.

1. Everybody hustles/hates/targets you and no one appreciates you. I totally get why presidents and CEOs go completely grey within their first 2-3 years. (pluck) I wonder if that's how this guy felt.

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