The world needs Jot conversion tools

Friday, January 15, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 9:49 AM

Originally Published 2003-09-16 15:40:37

I might just have to write some. No one but AvantGo could find a use for a jpeg-to-jot conversion tool. But, hey, where there's a need, eh?

I'm thinking... parse through the jpeg pixel by pixel and create a jot "stroke" for each pixel, monochrome only. Kind of an inefficent approach, but it's the simplest algorithm in terms of development time. I can't believe some linux geek hasn't already done this, but then again, no one else on the planet uses the scribble input tag, now do they? :-)

Kind of a geeky project... When I get finished with the 20 conference calls I have this week, anyway. Oh yeah, and my billable on-project work.

Sigh. How do people with real responsibilities do it? Oh yeah... they don't work out, they don't have second jobs, and they don't date hot chicks.

I definitely have nothing to complain about.

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