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Friday, January 8, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:16 AM

Originally Published 2007-04-06 07:56:36

Rotating After-Post Content
I want a plugin that places some random content at the end of every post. I want to control the content, of course, but I want an unlimited selection to draw from. This content consists of any content the client browser can interpret, so HTML, JavaScript, Flash, etc. The purpose? I want to dynamically post a "Sponsored Link" or "Partner Link". I also, naturally, want the ability to put an adsense bar or similar JS widget in the same spot. As a bonus, I'd like to be able to choose whether I put it before or after my tags generated through Ultimate Tag Warrior. Doug Karr's PostPost plugin is close, but it's a static link. Better than nothing, but I want to spread my linkback love around. And highlight more varied products and services.

Lorelle actually has already helped with this one. Looks like I have a lead or two on this one already.

I want a feedback plugin. A simple thumbs-up/thumbs-down deal would be sufficient, but in my perfect world, I'd be able to define the scale (binary 0/1 choice, 1-5, or 1-10) and have an Am-I-Hot style picker. Ajax-ified, naturally. That way I can decide what kind of content I should be writing and focus more on you readers.

Update: I've successfully installed the WP-PostRating Plugin, which I found through Lorelle's helpful post. I'm very pleased with how this plugin works and it matches what I had in mind almost exactly. Now click those stars and give me feedback, will ya? :-)

I'll probably write both of these (or adjust the existing "almosts") if I can't find 'em. Anyone have any leads/interest/feedback?


On 2007-04-06 10:32:38 Douglas Karr said:
I've not touched this one in a while, but I agree. I think I'm going to add the ability to cycle through content or randomly cycle through content for each of the content entry points. Not sure when I'll get to it - but just know that it's in the plan!


On 2007-04-06 12:08:51 Uncle Johnny said:
Thanks for commenting.

I might beat you to it. I've written tens of thousands of lines of PHP code, but my WP plugin experience is pretty light.

What do you think the best strategy is for implementation?

The web developer in me wants to jump in and create a DB table for it, but that seems like overkill.

Perhaps just drop a poor man's array (i.e., text that is delimited somehow) into the existing option for each of your 4 option vars?

Or just start creating new option vars as needed? Perhaps just record the total number of rotating ads somewhere and then update that value as new elements are added and deleted. It's not very elegant, but it would do the job.

What do you think? And, do you mind? I don't know what the plugin development netiquette is, either. :-)

On 2007-04-06 16:50:57 Douglas Karr said:
Here's what I was going to do:
1. Random/Cycle - this would identify whether or not the content would cycle in order or randomly. (a new option)
2. Div Name - this would provide a way for a person to flip their content up based on a name in the UI. It could alternatively allow someone to write a CSS entry for it.
3. Content - this would be where the person could change it.
4. Active - this would be where the person has the content active or not. This is nice because you can add content that would not have to be used immediately. (ie. a Christmas Ad that's used once a year).

2,3,4 were going to be in a multi-dimensional array within another variable. The poor man's array is a perfect route!

As for plugin development netiquette, I have always asked someone for their okay first, and if they don't respond, I do it anyway. :) After all, this is open source, right? I have rewritten people's plugins before - I just give them credit for the jumpstart.

Go for it! Don't wait on me!


On 2007-04-09 16:33:36 Brady Bowen said:
I used to use a randomizer plugin some time ago. I have found a link to it and thought I'd share after reading your wishlist:


Hope this helps!

On 2007-08-10 12:59:24 Johnny Fuery said:
I did install and test randomize. It required adding the call to the randomize function to my pages, but it seems to be working well for my needs.

Thanks for the tip!

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  1. Douglas Karr says:

    Thanks for the mention with PostPost. I agree with you - and if I have time, I'll definitely do that. I have another product in development that will actually allow you to tag those entries so that relevant entries can be displayed along with the relevant content. Not sure if we'll get funding and get that done soon, though!

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