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Originally Published 2005-04-12 16:49:06

...is it such a pain in the ass to download the Java SDK? I mean, yes, I'm a smart engineer-type, yes, I figured it out on the second try, and yes, I understand that it isn't open source and it's thereby pretty cool that you can download it at all, but goddamn.

It went something like this:

Access java.sun.com. Wander around aimlessly for a couple of minutes trying to remember why Beans and Enterprise Edition is crap and J2SE is all I need. Find the linux RPM. Verify which version of THAT I need (based on my server CPU). Accept a license, get redirected to an SSL enabled page, click the link.

Wait three minutes while IE crashes.

Oh. It's trying to load the RPM in my browser because IE doesn't know wtf to do with it.

Repeat all, including the whining.

Save Target to local HD.

Upload to server.


For some reason, I remember a time when I was just able to ftp to Sun and fetch the thing from them directly. I'm probably on crack and that never happened, but I'd have sworn it to be so 15 minute ago.


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