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Friday, January 15, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 9:43 AM

Originally Published 2004-04-26 13:50:42

[from TonyP]

I've thought of a great analogy for [our project manager] during this period of time - remember he likes to refer to sailing, well........

okay, imagine you are in a rowing boat, floating across a lake and the boat has a hole in it and you need to find it or you're going to sync.(pun intended)

okay, our PM is on the boat rocking it from side to side, so when you're trying to find the hole, the water keeps splashing over the edges of the boat making it very difficult to identify where the water is coming in from! After a while the hole is submerged under the amount of water now in the boat, so the boat is very quickly starting to sync and may possibly be beyond recovery, so it looks like the ship is going to do a titanic!!!

the only positive of this analogy is that now the hole is covered by water, air bubbles should identify the hole in the water, so should be able to find the hole quicker!!!! if you remember to bring a container you could start bailing out the excess water and you just might recover and be able to get to the other-side of the lake! hee!hee!hee!

btw - it looks like MBiz server issue was a red-herring, the reason it was taking so long to save the updated web pages, is because each of those web pages was a huge .NET exception error web page....


Or, you make it across the lake, but one the first mate got drowned along the way trying to fix the hole from the outside. :-)

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