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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 12:58 AM

Originally Published 2005-04-12 16:35:37

My primary Visa has a balance over $8K below the credit limit. But, alas, my credit available? $0. Zero dollars! Um, hello? What's this nifty little "pending charges" line that has almost $9K in it?

So I called. Turns out Chase has "held my last payment" until the check clears. So I'm in good standing, the payment has posted, the amount is gone from my checking account, I'm at 50% utilization on that sonnuva-bugger, and have NEVER had a late payment, but I've got a ten day hold just because my payment check (an e-check from Bank of America, mind you, NOT a personal check) just happened to be a little larger than usual.

Sigh. Has no one ever contemplated cash flow management?


So the Chase rep tells me he can request a credit line increase. I'm like, sure, I guess -- wouldn't it be easier to just clear a grand or two off of that obnoxious hold? No, he can't do that. Yes, he's apologetic, notes that I visited three different Home Depots in the last two days, and proceeds to tell me about his new fence project. Well, dude, actually, I have issued cards on this account to other folks. I didn't actually visit *any* Home Depot stores personally. The Peet's charge? Yes, that one was me.

Then he asks me what my gross annual income is. I quoted him a monthly number. "Hundred?" he asked.

Um, no. Thousand.

Heh heh. I could hear it in his voice. He thought I was full of shit. 'sok. I'd have thought I was full of shit too. Especially right after asking me to verify my birthday.

They declined. Guess they didn't believe me. Heck, I didn't believe it when I added it up. I actually went and pulled out my calculator after I got off the phone to double check my figures.

Sigh. It's just cash flow. Why does no one understand that? It's like the monoploy board game... You're broke the whole game because you're busy scrounging to put that third house on Park Place every time you pass Go.


Reminds me of a video I saw when I was a teenager from an Amway-type company. "My tenth month with the company, I made thirteen thousand dollars."

The part they left out was how much she spent to get that $13K. $10K? That might be ok. $15K? That's probably NOT ok. Regardless, the gross figure alone isn't all that impressive.


I wonder if Parker Brothers has a reseller program? Hmmm. There's an angle there, if I'm creative about it. You can learn a lot from a good game of monopoly.

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