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Originally Published 2005-05-24 01:05:09

did I become such a workaholic? I haven't gone out dancing since sometime in late February. Skating hasn't been fun the last 10 times I went. I've got 42 things to do every day and I've been very focused on beating the 20 that I can actually nail.

And I don't think I mind. I mean, I'm kinda tired right now, sure, but I feel good about being productive like this.

My Canuck colleague said to me last week, "are there any other side projects you're involved in?" after rattling off the half dozen buckets I've got my hands in. Then he went on to wonder aloud, as Sam does every time he sees me, how I do it. And, truth be told, I don't know how I do it. There's always something else to do, but I kinda like it that way.

I suppose I wonder, just a little bit, if that's a character flaw of some kind. I find solace in work, so that's all I do? I would frame it differently, saying instead, "I just like building things," but the question still deserves to be asked.


I like my St. Mary's classmates. A pretty good chunk of them don't have anything interesting to add, but there are a few who are witty, intelligent, and understand the coursework well enough to pull along the rest of the class. It inspires me to write my usual long-winded diatribes about the nature of the world -- which are viewed as thought provoking, humorous, and highly valued, natch. (lol)


I really need to update my blogging software to enable photoblogging. I've been playing with a Treo 650 for the past week or so, and the ability to snap a 640x480 of decent quality and email it real time has got to be the best waste of bandwidth since after streaming music.

I bet there's a business idea there somewhere. A themed photoblog of some kind with some MMS-to-blog entry translation? I bet I know a couple of guys who might have access to that kind of technology. :-)

Now if only I could come up with as kewl an idea as that postcard secret dude.

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