What's Up with All These Re-Posts?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 10:10 PM

As part of my company's efforts to live the dream of becoming completely based in the cloud, I went ahead and moved my personal blog (this one) to blogger.

To do this, I used the GData API and wrote a quick Wordpress plugin that queried wp_posts and submitted them as new blog articles to Blogger via Google's API.

Couple of things I found out:

  • The GData Blogger API has an upper limit of 50 posts within any single rolling 24 hour period.

  • It's a pain to submit comments via the API.

  • No one else has ever tried to do this. Most people want to get their data out of Blogger and into Wordpress.

  • Customizing Blogger's UI is a pain also, but mostly because I can't use standard web tools and have to do it all without server-side scripting and jump through hoops to use JavaScript.

For my almost-dead personal blog, however, I think this will suit me just fine. My income from blogging never topped $100 a month anyway, and it was an awful lot of work to keep up with.

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