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Thursday, January 7, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:11 AM

Originally Published 2007-05-14 18:11:29

BetShopBoy is a fellow from singapore who aspires to be a dotcome wannabe. His blog is a little light on content thus far (unless you're looking for a list of bloggers who offer link exchanges and such), but he's nonetheless a thoughtful guy who puts some effort into his blog. He participated in problogger's top 5 promotion recently, for instance, and spent a fair amount of time putting together his list of Top 5 Video Games that Should be Turned into Movies, complete with screen shots. Personally, I'd like to see him add a little more value by offering more than blog reviews.

Ryan Shamus dot com is another John Chow in training, but I like his enthusiasm. He's going after blogger popularity full force and has some interesting ideas to add. The vibe feels a little "me too", but I have to admit re-reading his latest post on Getting the Big Fish to Bite on Your Posts. It's not a new idea, but seeing a fresh reminder from an energetic perspective like this is great. I actually like reading Ryan's prose more than our A-Lister Mr. Chow, save for the strong comment dialog John has. Ryan Shamus also spends a fair amount of time fishing, which leads him to use aspects of the sport metaphorically, just like yours truly does often with basketball. Ryan, you might want to download my Sociable Update, however. Your StumbleUpon link is broken. :-)

Jenna Sue is a mother, wife, and overzealous PayPerPost user. When I first looked at her little corner of the internet last week, I ran across her report of her pending family addition and was touched enough to click through a few of the links on her blogroll, where I discovered her husband's blog and some of her other relatives. However, looking back again today, I'm a little disappointed, because unfortunately, the site is almost completely full of sponsored entries. Jenna, I'd recommend a 1:5 ratio of sponsored postings against real content at a maximum, because advertising tends to turn off readers. I'd also point out that PPP is a great way for some quick cash, but the promise of residual riches and even fame rely on content. PPP-oriented blogs will always be a form of employment, i.e., trading time for money. I do wish you good fortune, however, Jenna.

There's also a nifty review site that is reviewing bloggers (pretty objectively from what I can tell) at OurBlogReview.com. We'll see what they think of me. :-)

If you've run across this post while looking for bloggers offering a link exchange, please participate in mine. Also be aware of the $100 linkback contest being run by BeyondThePod.

Happy blogging!

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