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Thursday, January 7, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:20 AM

Originally Published 2007-04-11 17:27:43

Hump Day Graphic

Hope you've had a happy Hump Day, everyone.

I only have a couple of quick reviews this week, because I've been focused on work that actually pays the bills. I promised these fine gentleman a review, however, as part of my Review Me for a Linkback promo and I like to follow through on my promises.

Jason Spence is trying to eliminate the animosity of the phrase "make money at home" by providing real help for you and your website. He also provides lots of information on how to create a blog. Unlike many of the folks who participate in mutual linkbacks like this, he has actually taken the time to give a thoughtful and thorough review of Smart Guy. Our correspondence started because I commented on his blog about his many references to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy throughout his articles and musings, which just goes to show that commenting on other blog postings is a great way to build mindshare and grow readership (that's "build relationships" in English). I like Jason's blog, having added it to my RSS reader weeks ago. He posts regularly and is up front about citing sources and believes in spreading accurate information. I also have a soft spot because of his affinity for Douglas Adams. In terms of criticisms, I suppose I'd like to see more humor injected into his site (which makes me look in my own critical mirror, admittedly), and the all-sans-serif layout (arial/helvetica all the way) isn't as easy on the eyes as it could be. But this takes little away from the usefulness of Jason's content.

Steve Warner is the VP of sales for beeweeb, "a company specialising in producing leading-edge mobileTV, mobileMusic and On Device Portal solutions for mobile handsets." He writes largely about industry news and other techy/geeky subjects surrounding consumer products related to mobility and media. These are subjects that I personally happen to be fascinated by. His blog, entitled broad.cast, sports a clean layout that is pleasant on the eyes. I would recommend, Steve, that you turn on URL rewrites so that your permalinks are cleaner, but I'd rather see a blog designed for humans than one for search engines any day of the week. The only other criticism is the posting frequency. I like reading broad.cast so much that I want more content, more often! Thanks for taking the time to review fuery.com, Steve.

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