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Thursday, January 7, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:21 AM

Originally Published 2007-04-19 19:11:31

I'm switching gears this week and doing one review of a more extensive nature on a single web site. Part of the reason is because of the mutual reviewer's request. As much of an impact, however, is that it's a bit more fun to actually analyze good content in a detailed and thoughtful way.

Jay? Or Dave?This week I'm reviewing Dave & Jay who write a blog entitled Crazy Web Entrepreneurs. Dave Saraiva and Jason Seib, like so many bloggers of late, including myself, have been influenced by the likes of John Chow to write about making money online, but unlike so many (who, ahem, often don't even link back when they promise to... grr!), I get the distinct vibe that Dave & Jay actually practice what they preach. Not that John Chow doesn't, but I have to admit that the topics these guys cover are a lot more interesting to Yours Truly because they actually do this stuff every day. For instance, a series of recent postings on content included one entry on hiring assistance to help create content. This is the sort of thing that appeals to true entrepreneurs -- making money with your own blog or two is writing for dollars and is analogous to employment. Making money using a blog as infrastructure and hiring employees (contract or otherwise) to add value to your product, then reselling said product (even if your revenue comes from Google or Kontera and not your readership directly) is business/entrepreneurship.

Dave & Jay are also well spoken and write well, which I appreciate more than I ought to. Forgive me, but when I read a blog that has bad grammar, as much as I may respect the author (and usually do -- everyone has something to offer), I wince a little inside. I just like reading well written material, and these gentleman have clearly read enough to know their way around drafting good prose. (No, there's no Faulkner here, but that's not why we read blogs, now is it? :-))

The whole Dave & Jay experience also has an experimentation feel to it -- you can tell these guys are working on various projects and reporting back to us readers what they learned from the process. While, like me, they probably keep their favorite, most effective schemes under their hats, the post-mortem exposition describing their various attempts and the ROI (return on investment) analysis that accompanies them is both fascinating and sometimes gets my own creative juices flowing.

Which is, in my humble opinion, the very best reason to participate in the blogosphere.

Finally, the postings have a very "human" feeling to them -- I get the feeling, reading their content, that we're hanging out over beers and sharing ideas, rather than reading something forced. Sometimes the "write at least one post per day" guidelines that pro (or wannabe pro) bloggers subscribe to generates content that tends toward the dry. I'm guilty of this, myself, and it's a constant struggle, so I admire D&J for keeping up the enthusiasm. (Jay, I do have to admit that I think Dave's postings are a little more personable, however -- not superior in content, just more laid back. For what it's worth... it could just be luck of the draw because I'm reviewing while Dave is on a good little stretch or something.)

As for improvements, while I cannot come up with anything specific, there is something missing that will prevent this blog in its current state from becoming an A-list blog. While I personally think that your content is at least as compelling as Calacanis, John Chow, or even Shoemoney, there's still something that the masses are looking for that I can't find. I wish I did have a better idea about what this nefarious attribute was, because I'm pretty sure it's missing from my own work, too. Perhaps to nail the masses, the content needs to be dumbed down a bit. I feel like I personally write over the heads of a lot of readers a lot of the time, e.g., I'll jump right into an analysis of some affiliate arbitrage scheme without even explaining what affiliate marketing is in the first place. Great for someone like me (and Dave & Jay), but not so good for someone who doesn't do this stuff for a paycheck. (And no, my 50 or so readers a day don't constitute anywhere near a paycheck, but I do eat, breathe, and sleep this stuff for other folks.)

Nice new digs, by the way, Jay. Those hardwood floors would cost almost a million bucks in my neighborhood, about 25 minutes outside of San Francisco, California. (wince)

Keep up the great work, fellas. If you figure out how to fill that missing gap that allows you to jump to A-List status is, let me know. Or just blog about it. I'll be reading.


On 2007-04-20 21:25:01 Chee Kui said:
Yea. Dave & Jay are not just crazy. They are cool too ;)

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