Friday, January 15, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 9:43 AM

Originally Published 2004-03-16 06:41:08

Just arrived in Warwick, UK, at the IBM Data Centre for the mPharma project (company unnamed). Working with TP.

This place is totally locked down. We're terminal serviced to one box, then TS'ing from there to the actual mbiz and mpharma servers. Unbelievable. The actual real-world connections from device to Siebel/Oracle is unreal... we're talking like 6 hops, a VPN connection, and a firewall between the two.

Having access rights issues with c:\winnt\microsoft.NET\ from the mpharma application. Tried adding localhost\everyone and localhost\aspusr with full control rights; no dice.

Will keep playing...

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