Sociable 2.0 Update: StumbleUpon Link/Submission Fix

Friday, January 8, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:16 AM

Originally Published 2007-05-03 16:44:17

Sociable 2.0 is a Wordpress plugin developed [mostly] by Peter Harkins and Kirk Montgomery. I haven't read all the legalese, but the fact that it's distributed freely and available on sourceforge tells me that it's pretty safe for me to fix bugs in it and post my changes. (Peter, please contact me if I'm incorrect and I'll adjust this posting as you direct me to.)

At any rate, the current 2.0 release of Sociable has a bug in the StumbleUpon submission code. I have fixed it. My guess is that this is the result of StumbleUpon changing the parameter format of their submission script (StumbleUpon appears to be written entirely in PHP).
According to StumbleUpon's Blog Submission Guidelines, the proper stumbleupon submission format is

Sociable 2.0 uses this format:

I have fixed this in wp-plugins/sociable/sociable.php. Beginning on line 305:

'StumbleUpon' => Array(
'favicon' => 'stumbleupon.png',
'url' => ' /url/PERMALINK',

...should be changed to read:
'StumbleUpon' => Array(
'favicon' => 'stumbleupon.png',
'url' => ' url=PERMALINK&title=TITLE',

Or, for the non propeller-heads, just download the entire package (zip'd) with the change applied here.

If this is helpful to you, please link back to Smart Guy. :-)


On 2007-05-06 19:02:29 Matt Ellsworth said:
thanks for this - i was wondering why that one didn't work.

On 2007-05-10 16:46:10 Shaun said:
Hi. I noticed the StumbleUpon submission link was not working for this plugin, and found your fix. I have also noticed, however, that making the described change -- regardless of how it seems very correct -- does not work. It is still operating incorrectly on your site as well. For now, I'm removing the StumbleUpon button from my site.

On 2007-05-10 17:03:52 Uncle Johnny said:
I haven't fixed it on my own site -- fair enough. I did fix it on one of my client blogs.

Did you try re-downloading the package, or did you make the change in your code directly?

On 2007-05-10 19:14:31 Shaun said:
I tried making the change in the code directly. I also noticed that the Fark links in the Sociable Plugin are not operating either. :-(

On 2007-05-11 00:21:31 Uncle Johnny said:
The code adjustments have extra line feeds in them because of the blog post formatting. The url strings should be on one line.

Could that be the problem?

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On 2007-05-14 19:10:27 Ryan Shamus said:
Hey Fuery!

Thanks for the review and many thanks for pointing out my broken StumbleUpon link. Such an easy fix and yet another thanks for having the fix posted on your site!!!

You rock!


On 2007-05-21 13:25:13 Court said:
Works like a freaking champ! Thanks a bazillion!

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On 2008-01-18 10:18:59 Carl - said:
Thanks for that, I was looking for a way to fix it, and your site came to the rescue, cheers!

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