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Originally Published 2006-01-25 13:25:26

I was talking with an old, dear friend last night and actually, for once, got some answers to my current malaise that made sense. There was one point when, in talking about the SF "Campus", e.g., the Marina and nearby areas, I wondered aloud why I didn't really, really want that -- after all, it is, in a sense, everything I missed out on. In fact, I've subtley been wondering about that very trait for quite awhile now. Basically, my perception of the "normal" affluent life I've seemingly always wanted is right there, up for grabs. The fact that I'm more annoyed than attracted by that lifestyle has puzzled me to the point where I wonder if I'm just, well, weird.

My friend pointed out that it's not abnormal, and that any actual grown up is annoyed, in varying degrees, by that lifestyle. "It IS fun, Johnny, but once you've outgrown the dorm room and are looking for more out of life and out of your relationships, you can't go back. You were forced to grow up at 15. OF COURSE it doesn't click to you. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy aspects of it, but you'll never feel at home there. You'll never feel that sense of community you're yearning for in San Francisco.

You're too 'old' to be that irresponsible."

It really made me feel better. I'm not a city kid... and that's ok. I've heard two voices in the past week that have told me that... I guess I just needed to get away from the "everyone who is anyone lives in The City" mentality (i.e., the Ex) for a little while in order to hear it.

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