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Monday, January 11, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 2:03 AM

Originally Published 2005-09-07 15:13:56

It's not "big" enough, but it could be fun.

It occurred to me that there's no "What I'm reading now" or "My bookshelf" function on Amazon. I used to have a booklist posted on my site that included that... would be kind of cool to have a public system that had a viral element -- I'm sure if I thought about it, there'd be a nifty way of sharing your bookshelf info blogroll style. Or, perhaps, a way to link it to MySpace? Hmmmm.

Anyway. I've been playing with Amazon Web Services, and such a service would be pretty easy to build. It would basically just pull data in and out of Amazon and cache relationships in a local database. Basically a userid :: ISBN mapping. All the rest would come out of Amazon. There might be a place for reviews, but mostly, you'd just want to feed that back into the Bezos-Brain, too.

The money would be hard to find, though... the MySpace crowd isn't all that big on reading, although I guess a movie bookshelf might have some selling power, too.

Make it completely sharable... someone's booklist would look like, with a link to their Amazon wishlist and any reviews they've written. Then the user can just add it to their links list on their blog. Sub in my associate's ID for 10% of sales, maybe?

That's a really, really large quantity of users before you'd get any revenues. And do enough people care enough to create a booklist? Let's see... there's Tony P. and... me.

Like I said, not "big" enough. I'd be better off setting up an ego site and writing my own reviews of, say, real estate books. hey, that would be easy! Crap, crap, crap, mostly crap, ok if you're in kindergarten, crap... (Yes, I think that Rich Dad, Poor Dad guy is an idiot. Betcha a nice dinner I'm worth more and have done more deals! :-) )

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