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Originally Published 2004-03-18 07:32:33

Successfully determined the problematic Siebel objects today.

1000 Problems retrieving Siebel objects. need to determine which one is failing. Begin troubleshooting with TonyP

1100 Shove Tony off to work on developement/internationalisation tasks. Need to focus, approach scientifically, not trial-and-error

1100 Begin by turning off all objects EXCEPT Pharma Professional Call. Works in IE. Data stream is too large to enable PDA sync, but object is working. Also write some scripts to speed troubleshooting process (automated log flushing, etc)

1130 Turn on Action, (company name) Core Action for Calendar, Account Leave remaining three objects off

1137 Test successful. I have a hunch that the problematic object is actually the last one, so I turn on Pharma Personal Products & samples and Contact, leaving only the last one, Pharma Meeting disabled.

1142 Test successful. Just to be sure I haven't missed something, I turn the last object, Pharma Meeting, back on to recreate the error state.

1144 Error state confirmed. Leaving Pharma Meeting enabled, I begin refining the search on the components.

1145 Disable (company name)coreemployeeinvitee, (company name)coreotherinvitee, pharmameetingpharmameeting, leaving only the pharmameeting component enabled.

1151 Test successful. Re-enable (company name)coreotherinvitee and (company name)coreemployeeinvitee. I have a hunch that pharmameetingpharmameeting is the culprit, so skipping right to it.

1155 Test successful. Pharmameetingpharmameeting object confirmed as the problem. Begin filtering fields. Disabling all except contactFirstName and contactLastName.

1157 Test successful. Re-enabling (company name)CoreClassification, (company name)CorePhoneNumber, address, (company name)CoreCity, Comment, associatedCost.

1200 Test successful. Re-enabling (company name)CoreSpeakerFlag, leaving only callStatus, primarySpecialty and (company name)CoreClassification.

1204 Test failed. Disabling (company name)CoreSpeakerFlag, re-enabling callStatus, primarySpecialty and (company name)CoreClassification.

1206 Test failed. Disabling callStatus.

1209 Test failed. Dang! Is the schema changing as I work? Disabling primarySpecialty.

1211 Test failed. Disabling (company name)CoreClassification. This should work again...

1212 Test failed. Hmm. Resetting back to 1155 test. Seems to be a discrepancy in my own log. Either I've made a mistake or the schema is changing behind the scenes while I've been testing.

1216 Test successful. TonyP looks over my shoulder and suggests that primarySpecialty is the problem. disabling primarySpecialty only accordingly.

1220 Test failed. Disabling ONLY (company name)CoreSpeakerFlag, callStatus,primarySpecialty,(company name)CoreClassification -- half of the remaining questionable fields. These were also among the questionable fields in my previous tests above.

1224 Test failed. Leaving those fields disabled, additionally disable (company name)CorePhoneNumber. The remaining fields worked in previous testing.

1228 Test failed. Disabling all except FirstName, LastName, and associatedCost. I expect this to work.

1230 Test successful. Enabling comment ONLY. 1-by-1 field testing. The 50/50 narrowing is causing me to overlook something.

1233 Test successful. Breaking for discussiong with Dave Thomas and TonyP.

1253 Enabling (company name)CoreCity.

1254 Test successful. Enabling address.

1257 Test failed. Disabling address -- address is definitely a problem. Enabling callStatus.

0100 Test failed. Disabling callStatus -- another definite problem. Enabling (company name)CoreSpeakerFlag.

0104 Test successful. Enabling primarySpecialty

0108 Test successful. Enabling (company name)CorePhoneNumber.

0112 Test successful. Going to lunch.

0217 Logged in, reloaded required files/components/scripts.

0221 Enabling (company name)CoreClassification.

0225 Test successful. Problematic fields determined: callStatus and address. Leaving these disabled.

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