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I just noticed on blogger that they can auto-blog via email, browser plug-in, etc. The coolest feature, though, has gotta be phone-blogging. Dial a number, record, and the thing auto-converts to MP3 and posts.

Now how's that for a way to score a chick's number? I've had a girl or two call my own voicemail before and leave her number, but auto-posting to my blog? Heh heh... think of the comments on THAT!

I wonder if anyone's writing a B2 version. Eh. It'll be SUCH a bitch to upgrade anyway... screw that. Besides, how uncool would it be to actuall post some chick's voice on the internet so the public could rate them?

On second thought, maybe there's a derivative of amihot/psychoex there. Hmmm. Business model, anyone?

That would actually rock... it would be sooo funny. I'm imagining many bloggers all posting to the same rate-me site, now... you'd need to block out the numbers, though. Humph. That's pretty friggin' tough to do on a self-serve basis.

There's something there, though... let the stewing commence.


Speaking of turbo-dating (as a certain someone accused me of in passing via email today), I ran into a hoops buddy at the gym today who jokingly asked how my girlfriend was. He's seen me flirt with the gals at Starbucks (ahh community), and gives me shit about it all the time. So, in standard Johnny-parlance, I cheekily answer, "which one?", to which he snorts and says something like, "man, all you guys that say that don't even have one!"

I just rolled my eyes at him and chuckled. Didn't have the heart to tell him the truth. I don't think the guy's been laid since the Clinton administration.


So, yes, the gym. Today was my first day back, and all I could handle was the elliptical machine for 20 minutes. I *think* I could've done another 20, but I wasn't sure -- I started to feel pretty tense so I got off just in case (My cardio system is fine... I don't think I could do a mile in 6 if my back were better tomorrow, but 6:30, no problem). I shot around a bit, too, but caught myself jumping once (it just sorta happens once you get out past 15 feet), and that was the end of that. Doc said I should be able to do some light arm curls, but I sat at the preacher machine and did one with only 30 pounds on it and felt like I was going to melt through my brace like the Incredible Hulk -- and that much tightness scared the hell out of me.

So. 45 minutes in the gym. And I felt so good.

How's that for funny? Fucking 4 hour Johnny is stoked off of less than an hour in the gym.


I was at the doctor's office today for three friggin' hours. I read the entire chronicle, the latest BusinessWeek, US News and World Report, and old Time, and half of a Smithsonian before the schmuck showed up. Then he poked me in the back til it hurt, told me I would be fine and heal up well (no torn ligaments, just strained), and complained about the new digital CT output. He said I could do whatever I wanted physically as long as I wore my brace and it didn't hurt. "No heavy weight for at least another three months, though."

Oh, darn. I was planning on trying to squat 450 pounds again tomorrow, doc. Jeez.

He gave me another month off of work and told me wear my brace everywhere for four more weeks.


I was just talking with Yellow Man and B-Eazy last night about faith. They were arguing about signifigance. Corban was basically positing his usual nihilism and Brian was expressing a healthy dose of optimism. "Think globally, act locally" vs. "I am an ant on an anthill in Africa". Or, as I like to say, an electron within an atom that is part of an aphid's ass in a anthill. On the far side of Titan.

Anyway. It struck me that I've had a month of faith-invigorating occurrences. Breaking my back and walking away from it with no nerve damage, having great friends invite me to live with them, and even, as trivial as it sounds -- the crush I caught last week (we'll see if that lasts another week, of course, but the effect it has had on my viewpoint is undeniable).

I feel loved today. It's weird. I don't trust it.

But I really, really like it.


Just about done with my "Math and Sex" book. The last couple of chapters are dragging. I guess I don't really care about the fascinating regularity that emerges out of the seeming randomness associated with egg follicles emerging from ovaries.

That's not a sign of [lightweight] mysogeny, is it? :-)


I was reading about blogs today in one of the many periodicals I went through, and it struck me that the general nature of my blog means it's basically a diary.

Maybe I should start one that has a wider audience? Like on real estate or something? How about gay marriage? Lots of people are passionate about that... it would generate lots of readership/debate.

Bah. I don't really like writing about something unless I'm passionate, though... and the act of writing seems to use up my passion.

Maybe I should write about my day job. THERE is a topic I'm passionate about. (lol)

Speaking about writing about real estate, when am I gonna get around to writing that book? Shit. I've been thinking about it since before Manda left... what, three years now?

I need to make a schedule and do it. Or stop thinking about it. One of the two.

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