PayPerPost JavaScript: Slow, Lame, and now disabled

Friday, January 8, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:15 AM

Originally Published 2007-04-04 16:19:25

I've actually made about $40 from PayPerPost (PPP) in the last 30 days (and, Jason Calacanis, if you're reading this, I have already decided to actively, vociferously, and boldly disclose at the TOP of any PayPerPost postings I ever do), but I've nevertheless disabled the PayPerPost JavaScript that they make one include in the blog header for participating.

It was taking far too long to load.

While I was at it, I killed niftyCorners and the Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin. I'm confident that both of these loaded quickly, but they nevertheless seemed extraneous (you don't miss the rounded corners THAT much, do you? Besides... the rounded edges were misplaced in some version of IE), and I'd rather have readers who aren't frustrated than a couple of "ooh, web 2.0 corners" semi-sarcastic comments. :-)

I'm not the only one... fellow bloggers JaKelDaily and AdamBox (nice catch, btw) both have reported similar frustrations with PayPerPost's external JavaScript. I suppose I could try grabbing the source and storing it locally, but I'm far too busy at the moment to play around with something that earns so little revenue. Plus there's the spammy bad taste from using PPP too often -- my real content feels that much cheaper.

As a reader, how much do you care?

While I'm talking about site mods, I have to give mad props to the WordPress upgrade process. My 1.5.x to 2.x upgrade took me only about 40 minutes -- and 30 of that was just verifying that all of my plugins were still operational. I used the fantastico interface my hosting provider gives me to do it, which created a back up of everything as part of the upgrade script (which I verified before firing, and yes, it's clean).


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