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Thursday, January 14, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:29 AM

Originally Published 2005-01-29 17:48:21

I'm making the list.

I want to meet the girl I'm going to marry. (I thought it was Lola for awhile, but I'm pretty sure at this point that I was wrong.)

She should be as good looking as me. I can turn heads with my hair not combed, unshaven, with my glasses on -- and she should turn heads with her hair pulled back and no makeup. This isn't about the trophy aspect. It signifies an effort to take care of herself from the inside. There's also a certain confidence that comes with the willingness to leave the house without any makeup. Finally, most importantly, I want to look at her and feel appreciative. So, really, she only has to be beautiful to me.

She should be smart enough to teach me things. I want to be inspired to go read a book I wouldn't normally read just so I can understand something she said better. She should also be curious enough to let me teach her things. (As opposed to, "oh that's science/math/tech, I don't do that.")

She should be considerate enough to respect boundaries she doesn't understand. She should be introspective enough to realize what she doesn't understand and try to learn about it (in me, yes, in herself, certainly, and in the rest of the world, sure, why not).

She should be adventurous, curious, and willing to conquer her fears. I think "outgoing" is probably a given if she's got those, but I'll throw that in, too.

I want to admire her every time I look at her. I want to be admired in the same way.


I feel compelled to examine my 12, now. Who is in it (and do I even have 12)? Easier question... did anyone come close to this list?

Manda did. But she didn't have the introspection and consideration. Or, at least, she didn't when she was with me.

Laura did. She wasn't as good looking as me, though, and she failed in the adventurous/fear-conquering area. And we never quite had the mutual admiration thing going, either.

Lia's got the first two. She's a little young, though... the rest might be harder. I suppose we'll see... except that she hasn't called me back. Is it possible I totally misread her? I don't see how... she called me "cool on an apocalyptical scale." Too weird.

Well, anyway. There's my request. If this one drops on my lap Monday, maybe I should start going to church, too. Heh.

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