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Thursday, January 14, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:30 AM

Originally Published 2005-03-19 02:15:43

...closed today. Stretched the rules a bit on this one. Not like back in the day, when I pulled three new loans/purchases in 6 weeks and advanced 40K on credit cards in 36 hours to make good on the deals, but it still was a bit of a stretch... I pulled over 12K out of HELOCs (on #1 and #5) and another 14K on a credit card just to close. Not to mention the additional 30K I yanked out of the El Sobrante property (#2) last month and the 10K I pulled out of my ass for deposit money.

AND I'm getting dangerously close to my limit on my primary Visa financing the build out on the Livermore property. Who new I could blow 10K at Home Depot alone in less than 30 days? Amazing.

Anyway. I guess I just started officially publicizing my real estate empire-building adventures.

(No, I don't think about having to pay all of that money back. That's part of the psychology of this business. Or psychosis.)

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