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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 12:58 AM

Originally Published 2005-04-10 15:14:28

So I spent most of the weekend in front of my two PCs. I played some video games, it's true, but mostly I just got back to the joy of the browse. I found some great blogs, like Zach Braff's and Greedy Girl

I also realized, this morning, that I'm quietly searching for a new idea. Sure, I've got 200 of them floating around, but none of them are quite compelling for some reason. I learned a lot from my dealings with MusicRip, but, like my experiences with dating, the whole shebang is more about learning what you can't deal with than the reverse.

Residuals. Self-management. Minimal shipping. Niche. Margins over 20%. Accessibility. Passion for the topic.

Sigh. I think that was the requirements list in exact reverse order.


I did see a little app called netflixter (google it, I don't remember the link). It's a windoze app that folks use to manage their netflix queues.

Now, I'm sure that's a relatively complicated engineering task, but do people REALLY pay $25 for drag-n-drop netflix queue management capabilities?

I find that astounding. Has anyone used this thing?


Maybe I need a new hobby besides starting businesses. Piano?

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