Miserable achiever vs. Happy ordinary

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Originally Published 2005-07-20 11:46:21

On 7/19/05, Laura wrote:
Interesting food for thought on the purpose of one's life....

A poorly written affair


Been there, done that.

I've had plenty of time to be miserable. On more than a dozen occasions I've debated ignorance-is-bliss vs. how-bad-could-it-be.

Like, maybe if I wasn't good looking and smart and happened to be born in California and reach working age during one of the biggest economic expansions in the last century that just happened to start 50 miles from where I was born... how bad would it be then?

On the other hand, if I was so dumb I could only understand the moment at hand (present moment, just like every ancient religion promotes) and my next meal, maybe I'd be happier, right? I get to eat today, happy. I get to have sex today, happy happy. I get to eat twice today AND have sex, happy happy joy joy and a little dance. If the world really is only as big as the stop sign down the street and the bar around the corner, how unhappy could you be?

The proverbial Joneses, and your awareness of them, are a great source of discontent.

Oh, and btw, since I have thought about it: greatness ain't shit if you can't enjoy it. I'd rather be happy then reknowned any day of the week. Those that are doing what they love and are great because of it rock. Those that have no clue are neutral. Those that were pushed into greatness and are/were miserable usually end up killing themselves, however indirectly.

It's not because we're great that were miserable. And it's not because we're miserable that we're great.

It's because we're so miserable that we'll give ANYTHING just to be content. And a by-product of that... from Van Gogh and Mozart to Kurt Cobain... is, occasionally, greatness.

They just leave out the downside in the history books. We only hear that "Mozart strived to make his father proud his whole life" and get that silly scene in Amadeus where the kid tells his dad to leave the house.

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