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Thursday, January 7, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:09 AM

Originally Published 2007-06-18 18:38:57

I'm not feeling very entrepreneurial today -- not only because it's Monday, but because for some reason I decided that skipping coffee today was a good idea, with the added side effect that I've been about as productive as a doornail today. Which would be all gravy if I happened to be in the door-hanging business or otherwise called myself a moulding engineer, but I'm afraid that, for me at least, the word "mould" conjures up visions of green bread and penicillin, rather than strips of oak and miter cuts.

In either case, I'm not exactly a mould expert. Or mold expert. But anyway. I was about to rant.

  • Blogs about blogging are blog-oring after awhile. I mean, doesn't every single blog that remotely has anything to do with internet-related entrepreneurship have one of those catch-all "13 things you can do to build traffic without black magic" posts? And, sure, there is a heckuva lot of good stuff that Darren and Aaron talk about (not to mention the slightly more accessible bloggers on my must-read list, like Court), but how many times are we supposed to reread the "become a better writer" meme? C'mon, guys. (Yes, I'm projecting a little. Help me out by telling me what you'd rather read about)

  • When you use a public restroom to wash your hands -- and I mean just wash your hands, as in, 'cause they're sticky -- why do you need to lock the door? Because, apparently, you should. See, despite the fact that you're in there for a grand total of 42 seconds, some bloke inevitably comes along, opens the door, and then gets all embarrassed and put out even though you're fully clothed, amicable, and on your way out. You'd think they caught me shagging in there or something.

  • Why does the post office have a "pick up window" when it's always closed? I know it's more or less a government job, and that it still beats the pants off the queue at the Department of Motor Vehicles, but how is it that they have the least number of employees during the peak hours? And, during said peak hours, why is the proverbial carpool lane (the aforementioned "pick up window") closed? Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of bigger problems in the world, but all of the infrastructure is there already -- why not simply utilize it?

  • Speaking of queues, why must we all be so impatient with them? I know it's a bit ironic after I just whined about the line at the post office, but on my way out of the door, I practically wanted to hop up on a table and make the whole place laugh by performing some slapstick comedy. They were a cranky bunch, lemme tell ya! How about... oh, I dunno... reading your mail? Catching up on Really Smart Guy via your mobile phone? Calling your mate to tell them you appreciate them? Isn't it actually nice to have a minute to think when we're always wishing for a 25th hour in the day?

  • Match.com constantly nails me for an extra billing cycle every time I decide to take a break from them. How? Because they're billing interface implies that you'll forfeit the remainder of your subscription time if you cancel prior to the day your cycle actually concludes. So, fellow singles, when you submit your credit card to match, immediately cancel your account. That way they won't nail you for another 90 day window 89 days from now... even if you haven't logged in for weeks. They won't remove your account or lock you out, trust me. They'll just ask for your payment info again before they let you connect with the next hottie that winks at you after your subscription expires. Remember that the value they are providing is the network of people -- and you're part of the network! It looks better if they don't take you off the network, even if you're still getting used to the weight of your newly acquired engagement ring (no, not a personal reference, I'm just making a point).

That's enough for today. My mind is starting to wander to cosmic-level problems, like how world peace would influence tidal patterns, the effect of a postulated unified field theory on the weather, and whether or not stem cells can be grown into espresso beans.

Don't worry. I'll have my coffee tomorrow. Maybe I'll even write about how to stay focused amidst the cacophonous mind of an entrepreneur. How'd that be for ironic?

I'm afraid it won't be nearly as funny, though. After all, when did you last read a reference to unified field theory AND the post office in the same blog post?


On 2007-06-19 09:01:03 Dee said:
Ealier today I was thinking of how bored I am blogs about blogging. I know I've learnt a lot from them and all .. but really.. it got to the point where people who know nothing about blogging are preaching about it. ( I think I'm gonna save the rest of my rant for a post on my own blog).
I think this is a coffee thing.. I haven't had my coffee til now and I'm in a super ranting mood! Let's not skip coffee ever.

On 2007-06-19 13:03:22 Matt Jones said:
I partially agree with you. The fact is there are already blogs that contain everything you need to know about how to build a successful blog, of course the rules of the game are constantly being updated but each time a 'new' blogger discovers a new service they write a post about it even though it's been around for ages.

However, writing a 'blog about blogging' is in my opinion the best way for that blogger to learn how to be a successful blogger and is the best place to start. Having the pressure to crank out a post every day or so forces bloggers to learn and progress in leaps and bounds, even if it means the blog isn't a great service to the to blogosphere. I learn new things everyday about blogging but a blog about blogging really speeds up the learning process.

On 2007-06-25 03:55:03 Johnny Fuery said:
I agree that the teacher typically learns more than the student (which is why I had to write so many dang reports in business school, I suppose... ugh!), and writing as you learn helps organize and solidify knowledge.

That being said, what would you guys like to see instead (or in addition to)?

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