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Tuesday, January 5, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 4:20 PM

Originally Published 2007-11-19 10:46:22

I have a solid lead on an on-site three month gig in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you happen to know JavaScript like the back of your hand, can walk and talk your way around the programming logic behind "ecommerce", and can familiarize yourself with the JavaScript Dojo library in an afternoon, post a comment below and I'll "have my people call your people". (That's American slang for "forwarding the contact information." )

Pay is $80-100 an hour. Low end for W-2; higher end for 1099 (since you pay your own payroll taxes, of course). The ideal candidate, in addition to being a JavaScript Jedi, has the people skills to chameleon themselves nicely into an existing development team and can provide support, both in matters technical and soft, to his or her peers. In other words, you have to know how to communicate with both Star Trek jargon and the everyday business folk.

It's a good gig at a solid company whose name you'd recognize. I'd take it myself, but I'm booked solid for the time being and on-site in SF is a commitment I can't make right now.

It's a contract, so the standard stuff applies -- you're on your own when it comes to having a legal right to work in the United States, etc.

And no, I don't have a direct financial interest on the backside (although I may ask for a kickback if it works out). This post is simply a favor on both ends.


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On 2007-11-30 00:18:24 Srini said:
I am pretty good at Javascript and Ajax and have build ecommerce stores using Oscommerce and CRE Loaded. I don't claim to be a guru though, which is what you seem to be looking for. Thanks for the post anyway and good luck.

On 2007-12-11 01:23:11 Andy said:
I use to work in Javascript and it was high paid. We were also told at our firm that the market is only going to continue to increase with Africa and Asia using it. As i can see in your post the market is big.

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