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Friday, January 15, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 9:44 AM

Originally Published 2004-07-28 11:54:13

Are you talking about the deductions you made because the credit card statement didn't match the expense report on some of the meals?

I pay tips in cash an awful lot of the time. Is there any allowance for that? No, I don't have a receipt, yes, I paid them out, and no I'm not risking my job and integrity over $20-$30.

I don't want to fight about this and I don't want to delay $1200 in reimbursements over such a small amount, but you know how I feel about this. It's extremely lame. You spend all this time pouring over my report and verifiying literally pennies (which certainly costs more than $20-$30 in labor), then cause me all kinds of frustration... the business sense of this eludes me.

If there's anything you can do to make this right, I'd be very appreciative. If not, it's fine, I'll just make sure I don't pay out tips in cash any more. And roll my eyes after selling all my SY stock.



May S.

07/26/2004 03:10 PM



Subject: Expense Report ER00150465 - Meals


There has been a change made to your expense report. Please go to eTrip and open the above document. Double click on the line that is zero out. Click on the "notes" button to view the comments made. You can use the scroll bars on the side to navigate around the "notes" section.

Please feel free to let me know if I can help you in any way.



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