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Originally Published 2005-01-11 02:56:14

Methinks Raman thought of this over a year ago. Too bad my insightful company didn't productize it then and release it to avantgo.com. That would've been an awfully large jump in user base.

Oh well... I think the (mostly) open source solution of RSS+iTunes is a better technology anyway. Simpler... no proprietary server crap to deal with. Only iTunes and the hardware is proprietary, but Apple could care less because this just helps sell more iPods.



Curiousities: M$ response for Windows Media Player, the audio-based extension of the democratization of news occurring from blogs, and the individuals/communities that will earn a new living from this, a la the focused bloggers that get paid today. Of less interest is how the likes of RealPlayer fits in (I think real is dying a slow death anyway, but there's still an awful lot of realplayer clients and publishers out there).

Has audible.com already RSS-ized it's goodies? RSS over an https connection? That's technically feasible...

I wonder if there's a MusicRip angle to this. Hmmmmm...

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