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Thursday, January 14, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:41 AM

Originally Published 2005-01-20 03:59:53

...was wonderful. I loved it. Films like that are why I go to the movies. Yes, there are better movies, and it's certainly not oscar material or anything, but it was so incredibly human.

Not every character was developed -- only the two main characters. Scarlet Johansson was little more than a pretty filler (but oh my god, what a filler... guh... she makes me weak in the knees), Malcom McDowell was on screen for less than a minute, and I don't really even remember anyone else (except that Quaid's wife had big lips... Eazzzzy on the botox there, lady!), but for the believable sappiness and father-figure heart-tugging, Amen.

Topher and Dennis were great. When did Dennis Quaid get to be over 50? And the little kid on That 70s Show get to be my age?

I always thought he was clearly in the Gen-Y crowd.

Speaking of... wtf am I? I'm technically gen-X (77 was the cut-off), but I really am right smack in the middle. None of my gen-X friends listen to quite the same music I do. (Must be that profound respect for hip hop and house music combined with the ownership of ever Blink 182 CD ever published.) And none of my gen-Y friends are ready to think about buying property.

Love being a tweener... gives me such a feeling of... belonging. Not!

Anyhow... a final note on the movie -- it makes you feel good, but doesn't give you the happy ending you expect (the one you will, if you're honest with yourself, find yourself hoping for). What one hopeful cynic named Fuery might call a happy realism.

Yes, it's cheesy. But it's good cheese.


Holy Shit! Just heard on Fox News (on in the background -- gotta keep up with the right-wingers so I can argue with them, you know): Stan Lee is getting 10% of the proceeds from the Spider-Man franchise. AND a cut of all toys and spidey merchandise since sometime in the 70s.

Love to manage that fund... Hey Stan, you wanna invest in some real estate?


The inauguration starts in a few hours... only four full years left from today, guys.

There is always a bright side.


On 2008-11-08 23:29:40 watch that 70s show said:
well i didn't see that movie till now. Would like to see if its so good as you are saying.

On 2009-08-10 17:35:13 songs said:
Plot was really nice.
Its surely one of more enjoyable movies came out from 2004.
Topher's acting was outstanding.

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