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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 12:55 AM

Originally Published 2005-05-25 17:25:05

This one is good enough to keep private, I think.

An email migration tool, so that one could freely move all their shit across hotmail, yahoo, gmail, and aol freely. Pick the primary account you desire, enter your username and password info for each, send me your $50, and voila!

How many gmail users are there? A few 100 million?

I came across the idea while researching my netflix throttling a few weeks back. There's no way to migrate netflix queues to blockbuster and back.

This is actually an easier problem to solve. Worst case, Yahoo or AOL buys the intellectual property to avoid the mass exodus to gmail.

There's also a subscription model -- automated forwarding in perpetuity, for, say $20 a year.

The first 200 orders would come from a comment here.

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