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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 12:57 AM

Originally Published 2005-03-28 19:17:44

...how there is any brand loyalty on the internet. I mean, I can understand the usage of better tools... like google over, say, excite (ugh)... but why would I EVER buy a domain from register.com?

In fact, I use dotster.com to find domains because their search interface is the best, but I actually pay godaddy.com because they're cheaper.

I guess there's some stickiness involved... like my marriage to yahoo mail even though gmail is superior. Or the fact that I have like 8 domain hosting accounts because I've yet to consolidate into my newly minted reseller account (anyone need hosting cheap? :-). But THAT is only because I prepaid for the fuckers. They'll eventually converge into one...

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