Getting My Cheeky Moo on with John Cow

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 5:35 PM

Originally Published 2007-07-06 01:42:49

My buddy John Cow, who is almost as cool as Fake Steve Jobs, has asked me to guest blog provided that I can be cheeky. Obviously, since I have oodles of time to keep up with my own dang blog, I of course said yes.

I guess he really liked my obvious love of cows. :-)

Go check it out. But don't leave me! I promise I'll still post my brainiest ramblings here.


On 2007-07-08 14:39:34 Billy said:
OMG, I hope the blog is own by a friend of John Chow's or himself because it is such a rip. When I clicked on the link, I thought it was some kind of a play on typos but the layout is exactly the same. Hmmm, did your friend get any emails from JC?

On 2007-07-11 01:54:04 Johnny Fuery said:
It's a parody, actually. In the United States, there is a heavy precedent against both copyright and libel suits for parodies.

That's how Saturday Night Live gets away with it every weekend. :-)

On 2007-07-11 01:54:37 Johnny Fuery said:
And yes, Mr. Cow and Mr. Chow have traded an email or two.


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