Garden State

Thursday, January 14, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:40 AM

Originally Published 2005-01-15 17:03:05

Saw Garden State last night. It rocked! I think I might buy it, in fact. It was kinduv a coming-of-age flick, but the main character was 26. It/he dealt with (in)sanity, with dad, and with self. Still a little sugar-coated at the end (I got my happy ending), but hey, that's why I watch friggin' movies in the first place.

The friend I saw it with... when we were watching the credits, she said something like, "Assistant? What a boring job."

I responded, "Well, doesn't that also depend on who you're assisting? They could make it fun and interesting just as easily as they could make it lame."

"Oh? Who would you want to assist, Johnny?"

I grinned. "Natalie!" I answered triumphantly. (Referring to Natalie Portman, of course)

Heh heh.


I played "What can I do without my brace?" today for awhile... in fact, I walked to Starbucks and back without it. I did pretty well -- although sitting down for more than a couple of minutes still hurts, and I'm a little sore now, an hour after the fact.

Still... That was over a mile without the damn thing. A relative triumph! I think I might make that part of my daily routine this week. It felt good to "stretch" my legs.

(Oh how the mighty have fallen... two weeks ago, I'd have scoffed at a mile-long walk! I'd have tried to do a mile on my hands or something... That would've been impressive! :-)

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