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Friday, January 8, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:16 AM

Originally Published 2007-04-26 15:26:56

Bob over at BobmeetsWorld is doing yet another one of these link-train/chain letter style promotions, and he included me in his initial shout-out, so I thought it more than fair to do my part by spreading the word and participating.

The deal is this: post the links, add your own blog plus a couple you'd like to plug, subscribe to some new blogs you might not have been aware of, and everyone involved gets wiser and wealthier.

Or, at least, so the theory goes. :-)

Here's the info from Bob's original posting (edited slightly):

Thousands of bloggers have reaped the rewards of these projects by getting their technorati rank sky-high.

Now it’s time for the new linkboom; Feed my Feed!

The idea is simple: You want readers and you want linkbacks too because that’s all us bloggers want, it’s more precious than water for some :)

So what do you do?

Easy! Copy the list down below on your blog, hence creating linkbacks for your blogging friends and then click the RSS Feed link to subscribe to all of them. Add yourself and up to 3 other blogs and their feeds to the list before you post it, Show some love :)

Just imagine if 10 people would do this and then 10 more after them. That would get your blog 100 extra linkbacks and 100 extra feed subscribers!

Why is this good?

Technorati rankings and estimated RSS subscribers are a large part of sites like reviewme, where you get paid to review stuff. The better your rank on technorati and the more subscribers on feedburner for example will get you more money :)

Since this is going to be the original list, I had nothing to copy onto my blog like you guys can, so I had to pick a few blogs to get you guys started so here goes:

The rest is up to you guys, Feed and get Fed

And my additional shout-outs:



On 2007-04-26 22:35:50 Feed by feed : Dirty little secret, ways to make money online said:
[...] Fuery aka The really smart guy have added me to the feed my feed Technorati crazines!The simple theory behind this is, with more people subscribing to your feed and adding it [...]

On 2007-04-27 09:00:04 Drew said:
I added you to my feed. And I have posted a Feed Your Feed on my blog as well. Check it out. http://www.benspark.com/feed-my-feed.html

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