Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Thursday, January 14, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:40 AM

Originally Published 2005-01-16 02:50:23


If you had to do it all over again, would you?

If you had the breakup letters in hand after the best first date you've ever had, would you do it, knowing it's a repeat, or might be, but not remembering the how or why?

Would it be worth it? When would knowing the worst of it not hinder your movement forward?

When would the worst of it WITHOUT knowing the best of it not hinder you?




It's funny... sitting here, thinking about them, thinking about the horrible things I said and thought in the aftermath... and I don't know if I would. Maybe. I'm trying to think of the first dates, and there were some good ones...


There were some bad breakup speeches, too, though.


Anyhow. Great movie. Great food for thought. I'm re-watching the beginning now.


How do you lose two years? How do you lose them and not even realize that you've lost them?

Heh. There's lots of people who could lose two years and not realize it. I hope I'm not one of them.

I hope I don't become one of them.


She's absolutely nuts. Kate Winslet, I mean, in the opening ten minutes, the "first time" they meet. And I'd have been smitten too.

I'm sooo pensive right now. Harumph.

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