Dream weirdness

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 12:59 AM

Originally Published 2005-02-22 12:00:21

So I last night/this morning I dreamt that I was at a birthday party for Manda. The weirdest combination of people were there -- I specifically remember Klobuchar from Avgo and Joyce, Destiny's (!) sister-in-law. In addition to Manda's family, of course, although Stacy wasn't there.

Manda's new man was there... he was young and football player-ish. Not huge -- more like a high school quarterback, i.e., trim and strong, but not intimidating.

Manda kept looking at me when he wasn't looking and motioning like he was really strong/buff. I smiled every time. It was weird. I wasn't jealous at all. I guess I perceived that she was really happy... and that was cool.

I remember it seeming like I had met all of them before -- a room full of mostly strangers, and that we all ran in the same circles. You know... saw dude around town, saw the hottie in the corner at the gym, had danced with homey over there in a circle once... that kind of thing.

I felt sorta confused as I recall, like everything was deja vu, yet I was conscious that this was a completely weird and unique experience.

I obviously wasn't aware that I was dreaming. :-)

I wonder what it all means?

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