Don't see Alexander

Thursday, January 14, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:39 AM

Originally Published 2004-11-26 03:50:46

Worst movie ever. Slower than Master and Commander, longer than Troy, and crappy acting on the part of our Britney Spears-nailing Mr. Farrell. A hitler channel documentary on Alexander would have been better.

I wish I'd been more tired. I could've slept through it.

"Conquer your fear, and I promise you, you shall conquer death!"

Yeah, right, Colin. How about conquering that fake accent and terrible bleach job?

And, ok, we get the picture... Alexander had a gay thing going with his wrestling buddy. Do we *really* need to revisit this 6 times? Wouldn't once or twice have been sufficient?

Anyway. Don't see it. Don't rent it. If you catch the elephant scene on TNT in five years, great, watch that. Then flip back to the Simpsons rerun.

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