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Thursday, January 7, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:20 AM

Originally Published 2007-04-13 16:04:20

See the widget with all the faces (or avatars) on my sidebar (if you're reading this in an RSS Reader, you'll need to visit Smart Guy directly to see what I'm talking about)?

If you see your happy, smiling face there, then you're already a member and you can safely ignore the rest of this posting. Thanks for reading!

If, on the other hand, you have a blog, yet don't see your avatar on my widget, then go signup at MyBlogLog right now and add yourself to my community. I promise you'll get at least one click from me, because I'll come check out your little corner of the web after clicking through on your beuatiful face.

Some crafty folks put sexy photos of random hotties (there's at least one animated gif of a bouncing bikini) up there, which I admitedly clicked the first couple of times before realizing that the blogs in question were actually being written by nerdy guys that make me feel cool when I meet them at cocktail parties, so do be wary of these types of gimmicks.

 My avatar, however, is real. :-)

All of this being said, MyBlogLog is an easy way to find out what types of readers are finding you and what their interests are. It's not nearly as good as reading and responding to comments (hint, hint), but it is a start.

In the process of browsing various other MyBlogLog communities, you're also helping to promote your own community, because, like I do, many people click on their reader's avatars to check out what they're interested in.

 It's a stretch to call this social networking, which I think is the angle the MyBlogLog folks were going for, but it's nonetheless an interesting and (so far) useful tool that has helped me promote Smart Guy. It's not as good as leaving thoughtful comments, but it is a much more passive exercise, which is nice for those lazy Friday afternoons.

For those that are unaware, MyBlogLog is owned by Yahoo. They were purchased back in January.

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