ActiveSync, Pylon, and AvantGo not playing nice

Thursday, January 14, 2010 , Posted by Johnny Fuery at 1:49 AM

Originally Published 2003-11-06 10:49:23

11/06/2003 07:14 AM

Subject: ActiveSync error


Error just started occuring.

ppc2002 device with avgo 3.3 in rom.

activesync 3.7

installed avgo 5.1.60

everything was fine yesterday and this morning, but now im getting the following error when syncing via activesync...

"device components missing or out of date".

modem sync works fine (device connected to computer via sync cable)

uninstalling and reinstalling avgo client doesn't fix the problem.

anyone seen this?


11/06/03 09:42 AM

Re: ActiveSync error

Yeah, I've seen it. The good news is that it's Microsoft's problem. The better news is that you can get around it by closing all the other apps on the device, then syncing.

Look out for the gators.


You can also fix it by getting the latest AvantGo client and the latest Pylon Anywhere client. The problem is that Pocket PC 2002 has a fixed VM size of 32mb, and so if you are running a few things, whoever comes last doesn't have room to load their dll's. Remind you of windows in the old days?

At any rate, Synchrologic did a lot of work in the 5.2 client specifically to work better with our client (you could have argued that it was our problem as much as theirs, but you know how easy it is for us to blame things on other software). They did more work in 5.3. If you have either of these versions, your problems should go away. However, I would recommend getting at least our 5.2 AG client as well.

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