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Chocolate ObsessionJason Spence tagged me with this blogosphere version of a chain letter that I am adamant about ignoring when I see them as myspace bulletins (although, admittedly, I find myself reading them more often than not). As Jason outlines, "this is an opportunity for bloggers to learn more about other bloggers. The rule is to list 5 obsessions and then tag 5 more bloggers to list theirs."

So, without further ado, in "as they came to mind" order:

  1. Basketball. Really, I should just say, "working out" here, but if it weren't for that glorious 94 feet of hardwood floors, then going to the gym would occasionally be a chore. I playfully refer to the gym as "my church". It's a crutch when I'm bummed, a passion I can enjoy almost every day, and a place full of great memories, good friends. It also helps release more endorphins than... well, sometimes I'd rather play basketball than go out on a date. Let's just leave it at that.

  2. [Over]analysis, especially of myself. Labeling this "introspection" is a far more positive way to put this, yes, but this is a double-edged sword. I think I'm very self aware as a result, but I overdo it from time to time, and that can sometimes bum me out. On the other hand, it makes me pretty darn good at constructive critique -- of software architectures, business models, and even the interpersonal relationships of those around me.

  3. Work. This means managing real property, writing, supporting, and extending mobility software, driving traffic to various web sites, blogging, schmoozing, and network support. Whatever it is, there's always more to do, and while I occasionally do feel overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks at hand, I find that the act of accomplishing is, in and of itself, a great source of joy. This is especially true of tasks that yield direct productivity -- leasing a home, writing a blog entry that immediately gets dugg, or coming up with and executing a novel marketing idea that drives measurable improvements in viewers to whatever client I happen to be supporting that day. I used to get this doing network administration, too, because finishing a server reinstall is a reason for a feather in your cap, but that type of work has grown to become just a chore.

  4. Women and Dating. This consumes a great deal of my conscious thought and schedule. The dance of courtship is one thing I definitely love to hate. There are those occasional dates that you never want to end, when you find yourself looking up after ten hours and wishing you both weren't tired, but for every one of those there are at least a dozen where I wonder why I'm there. Calling it an obsession is a bit of a stretch, perhaps, but I have at least two dozen rants at my fingertips about bars, dating, demographics, being 20-something, rating potential mates, the tribulations of judging too quickly, the two-day rule, and many, many more. That means it has to be included in this list.

  5. Socializing. I was reminded recently that everyone has something to teach you, no matter the age, education, or prestige. I've learned more from folks ten years my junior in the last six months than any manager I've ever reported to in my professional life. Often these people aren't even aware that they are teaching, but by just paying attention and listening in an open way to those around me, I have been reminded over and over again that what counts is the experience of living, not any of the external factors we all seem to look to -- like age, education, and prestige. There's very little I like to do more than just having a nice microbrew with good people, learning about their perspectives, getting feedback on my own, and just enjoying each other's company.

  6. I know, it's supposed to only be five, but I just had to give a shout-out to the lowly coffee bean. I am an addict, enjoying the high, anticipating the taste, dreaming about my next dose. Sometimes when I go to sleep at night, I get excited about the prospect of the morning just because I get to have another fix. (insert longing sigh here)

Obsession ImageAnd now for the next set of links in the chain:

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I look forward to reading about your obsessions, fellow bloggers.

(Oh, and btw, if I tagged you, but you have no intention of perpetuating this silly chain letter, that's fine, but at least leave a comment thanking me for the shout-out! Thanks!)

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